Try MIND MUSIC, a brain controlled musical instrument and meditation tool

JUST JUGGLE your way up through an accelerating turf of d-red-ful obstacles!

Test your rhythm sense with RHYTHM RING, a unique tap-to-the-tune game!

Play the ancient board game of GO with the iGO! board on your Windows tablet!

PSYFUNLAB is a dreamy one-person technology lab working on little experimental games and interactive experiences ranging from ancient board games to futuristic AR/VR/BCI experiments, and beyond.

This is a living lab inspired by the beauty of Creation, built with endless Fascination, and brought alive with the magic of Technology. You will find some early signs of life in the logo that is the Greek alphabet Ψ (Psi for Psyche) containing over 70% water, which breathes, and even has 7 Chakras or energy centers along a backbone of Fun! Welcome to PSYFUNLAB :)